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A bold yet smooth tobacco blend; Our naturally extracted tobacco flavoring from aged Virginia tobacco leaves is the heart of this blend. Accented by light notes of smokey caramel, this is truly enjoyable tobacco vape.

The tale of Coppercrest Mountain is one of courage, bravery... and death. According to legend, from the earliest Spanish settlers, Coppercrest Mountain was a sort of holy place for the local Indians. When a man became of age, he was sent out alone for a 3 day spiritual journey to find, and conquer the peak of Coppercrest. Legend has it, one young boy encountered a grizzly as he neared the peak. It's  claimed the boy tamed the grizzly and decided to live among them and protect the tribe. The true location of this famed peak is still hotly debated by historians. The most recent clue about it's location came from John Wayne. He went on a horseback ride in the foothills of south Orange County and his horse became ill. While wondering what to do, he looked towards the top of the mountains and says he say what looked to be a boy dressed in a grizzly fur. He then carried his horse down the mountain to safety. Up to his death,  he never could find the location where this encounter occurred. Coppercrest is a true, living legend.

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