About Us

Trabuco Vapors started in the summer of 2012 based on an idea; that true tobacco flavor could be and should be ENJOYABLE through vaping.  The idea wasn’t new, but it wasn’t common to find an e-juice made with Naturally Extracted Tobacco flavor. When our founding members made the transition from smoking cigarettes and pipes to vaping, we were in constant search for tobacco flavors in local shops and online stores. The flavors we found left us unsatisfied; they were noticeably synthetic and could barely be considered “tobacco” flavored. After searching for the right flavor with no success, we learned it was possible to take the flavor straight from the source; EUREKA!  So, the idea was born and the research began……….

We tried several different methods to efficiently and cleanly extract the flavor from premium tobacco leaves. We designed (created) our own method for the natural extraction process, and once satisfied with our ability to get the flavor base we were after, we came together and discussed what the final product should be. As most former smokers turned vapers know, vaping is enjoyable due in part to the variety of flavors on the market. But we still wanted tobacco flavor! So, we decided to make the best of both worlds: real tobacco flavor extracted from premium tobacco leaves blended with the flavors only vaping could offer. We couldn’t just add any flavors though; we had to find flavors that complimented and enhanced the natural tobacco flavor. After almost two years of working on our method and recipes, we were proud to release four original flavors and officially started selling in 2013.

 In the early days of the industry, it was clear vaping was its own culture. As smokers turned vapers, we were a bit turned off by some of it! We were already unique since we made our own flavoring from tobacco leaves, so we decided that a simple and mature approach was only fitting. We knew then that our target customer would be former smokers like us, and we didn’t want them turned off by a cartoon character or gimmicky label. Being from Orange County, California we decided to honor the history of our home. Trabuco is Spanish for a blunderbuss, which is a type of shotgun/musket that the early Spanish soldiers used. As history tells us, a soldier in one of the early expeditions to California lost his Trabuco in the canyon, and from that day forward the area has been known as Trabuco Canyon. Each of our flavors is named after a person or place with historical importance to our home in Orange County, California. Each name is as unique as the flavor it represents, and can be traced to the early days of Orange County.

What started as a quest for our own personal satisfaction through a tobacco flavored vape, became Trabuco Vapors. We proudly offer 8 different and unique tobacco flavored e-juices, each with its own distinct profile. We stand by our e-juice and have enjoyed both making and vaping it since 2012. We hope you enjoy!