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A true dessert flavor, sycamore has notes of heavy cream, nut butter, and brown sugar topped with a hint of aged Virginia tobacco flavor. It could be referred to as a warm tobacco pie.

History- Before being purchased from the Yorba family, the area was simply known as “Alisal” on Spanish maps, meaning “sycamore grove”. Its said that in 1869 when the man that purchased the property, William Spurgeon, came to survey it, he could not see past the heavy sea of mustard trees, elderberry bushes, and of course, Sycamores. As the story goes, Spurgeon climbed to the top of a Sycamore tree to be able to see his property, which became the city of Santa Ana. The tree survived 100’s of years, being unfortunately cut down to make room for a parking lot. The symbolic importance of the sycamore is found throughout Orange County.

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