US Surgeon General report on E-cigs

US Surgeon General – a report on e-cigarettes

The Surgeon General (SG) released a report today  on e-cigarettes. It was as bad as a vaper could expect from the US government. Fortunately for all of us, there are men whose knowledge and mental stamina are far greater than ours, and they were prepared for this report with their own antidote. Here are a couple of links to editorials from those men explaining why the SG’s report is so flawed. The first is by Clive Bates. He is a demi-god of sorts for the vaping movement; he’s quick in response yet so detailed and familiar with the subject that his points are hard for anyone to refute. I often reference his writings for information on e-cigarettes and their role in public health.

And then a handful of people involved with the Royal College of Physicians report on e-cigs had a short reply to the US Surgeon Generals complete opposite take on e-cigs

 What does this report mean for consumers and manufacturers? Absolutely nothing other than having the highest ranking public health official in the US condemn e-cigs because there’s been an increase of use among youth. Maybe they should enact age restrictions for purchasing and using the products? Oh wait……….

It’s amazing that this report fails to mention two very important things: Smoking is at an all-time historic low and not once did this report compare e-cigs to tobacco smoke.Let’s just hope the next year brings some common sense approach to regulations in the vape industry.

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