To clarify a few things...

It has come to out attention that there are rumors about our products in China, and we want to clarify a few things:

  1. Our authorized distributor in China are:

 Free Vape (泛微)

               Dragon Vape (龙雾)

We are in a very good relationship with those guys, and we do not have other distributor in China as of this moment. You are getting authentic Trabuco Vapors product if you are buying it from them.

  1. We did not change our recipe and process of making our product. The change in flavor might be due to a few things:
    1. Due to the chemical properties of natural flavorings, the flavor will become weaker if the product is store under extreme heat for a prolong period of time. Please store it in a cool place.
    2. Natural flavorings breakdown over time thus losing its flavor. The best way to down the process is to store it in a cool place.
    3. Personal preference. Flavors in e-liquid is generally less strong than nicotine salt products. If you are already used to the strong nicotine salt flavors, it might take you sometime to get use to eliquid again.

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