Making the switch to Vaping. Some personal advice. A personal story.

Being not only and avid vaper, but owning a vape company, I have become the go to person in my small world for advice about vaping. Family and friends alike end up reaching out to me as they consider making the switch from smoking, or have made the switch but are finding it difficult. So, this post is a way to convey my personal experiences and what I find myself telling friends and family who are trying to switch. 

I started vaping in 2010. I was immediately impressed, and infatuated by the idea. For me the journey started with the birth of my first child in 2009, I had tried to quit smoking several times with various different methods. Each person has their own journey when quitting smoking, some people have the mental will power to just quit, one-day, cold turkey (good for them!). Some people use patches, hypnosis, or whatever. That was NOT me! I tried a couple of those methods, but the closest I got to making it stick was with Chantix. However, the combination of side effects and high cost of the prescription, I decided to stop taking it after being smoke free for over a month. During that time, I also discovered that my cigarette replacement of cinnamon toothpicks was a bad idea because when used to often they burn holes in your mouth! So slowly but surely, I was smoking again, with a vengeance! Stepped up to Reds and smoked more than before it seemed. Then my brother in law introduced me to E-cigarettes.

My brother in law was already a full-blown hobbyist when he showed me my first E-cigarette, which was an eGo pen. He let me take it home and I started using it, while still smoking of course. This was the beginning though, I had accepted the idea. I enjoyed the act of vaping. I started with 12mg nic and struggled to make the vaping thing work. It’s a different habit than smoking. It involved new tools. As a smoker, I was always very aware of how many smokes I had left, and whether it was enough to hold me over until the next time I could buy more. I was a pro-smoker. I wasn’t there with vaping yet, which just adds to the difficulty and frustration of making the switch....Battery was dead, smoke a cigarette. Coil (or wicks at the time) was burnt, smoke a cigarette. Ran out of juice, smoke a cigarette. So, the cycle continued for a while, until I started getting in tune with vaping. I think this is a similar case for most smokers trying to switch to vaping. 

Shortly after my vaping start, I identified the need for a better selection of tobacco flavored E-juice, and the Trabuco idea was born. It was a simpler time back in 2012! By the time we had gotten the idea into action, I had completely switched to vaping. I didn’t smoke anymore! I got married in 2013 and we had our honeymoon in Italy. En route to our destination, all of my vape supplies were confiscated! Shit. So now I’m in a foreign land, a small town, and vaping isn’t there yet so no replacements are to be found. So as I build up my excuse, basically after this trip I was smoking, again! It was a disruption in my habit. This time was different however. When I got home and was able to get my vape setup back, I found myself unable to give up my morning cigarettes. There was just something magical about waking up and having a cup of coffee and a cigarette (or 5). This continued for a while. I had no problem the rest of the day not smoking, but those mornings, oh were they for cigarettes! Even when I enjoyed adult beverages with friends, who smoked, I didn’t have a desire to smoke, I was very happy with my vape. It took a while to stop smoking cigarettes. I did eventually cut the morning cigarettes out, and I haven’t had a cigarette in over 2 years.

I tell this story as an example of what one person’s journey can be to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Each person’s experience will be different. If you are just making the switch, considering it, or are struggling with it, I hope this can help you during your journey. Cigarettes are a very simple product. You light it, you inhale. Vaping is more of a technology, there’s a learning curve full of trial and error. Finding what works for you can be difficult. But once you find that sweet spot, it's so satisfying. It makes smoking unappealing. You do have to give it a dedicated effort and with the right kind of support and advice, it shouldn’t be hard. The advice I find telling people who are trying to make the switch really depends on the person, and type of smoker they are. When an older smoker asks me, I show them my “crazy contraption” and based on their reaction, usually end up recommending them to a simple device, one without any settings or buttons. Regardless of what device I recommend, a couple bits of advice are the same: Stick with it! Don’t get discouraged if you still smoke a cigarette sometimes. I sometimes tell people to target just one of their habitual practices and replace it with vaping, like while you drive. We all know that was just a necessity when driving. Make sure you have your supplies! Have extra batteries and coils/pods with you just like you would cigarettes. Find the right flavor or juice (Trabuco has some really good flavors, I highly recommend them). Eventually, if you keep up the effort, you will find that you no longer want or enjoy the stinky sticks.

The point is, it could take a while to master vaping. It took me a while. Most people took their time. Just keep at it. 

If you are a new vaper, or have any questions, contact us! We’d love to help you out as much as we are legally able to.


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NOTE: Vaping is not an approved smoking cessation device. It has not been approved by the FDA as such. This was a personal story about starting vaping and was meant to be for entertainment purposes only. This was not intended to be medical advise or presented as such.

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