Celebrating 5 years in business

Trabuco started in 2013 by 5 regular guys that smoked; we were impressed with our eGo pens with tanks with wicks… but seriously letdown by the flavors in the stores located by us. As we all sat around at a backyard BBQ we talked, we vaped, we dreamed, and we planned about what we could do to make better tobacco flavors. A couple of us had tried to quit smoking recently and failed, so vaping was even more significant to us on a personal level. We never talked about a 5 or 10 year business plan. We never thought about the difficulties of running a business. We certainly never imagined the impact it could have on other people. We just wanted to make some great flavors, that we enjoyed, and get them into stores so vapors had a better selection to choose from, and have some fun along the way. Yeah, that quickly changed! I distinctly remember the moment in which Trabuco became more than a fun side gig: in 2014 we started selling our line to a vendor in Spain, our first International sale. I remember all of us jokingly talking about the fact that people on the other side of the world will be using our product, not smoking, and throwing an empty bottle of Trabuco away somewhere in Madrid. That’s when it hit us: this is legit.

Back in 2013, most people thought this vaping thing was a passing fad, like fidget spinners. We knew vaping wasn’t going away, but I don’t think we realized just how big it would become, how negatively governments would react to it, or how polarizing a social issue it would be. Then again, a lot of these issues and bad reputation we face as and industry are self-inflicted. (unicorn piss?)  We realized that very early on, and made the decision not to engage in silly gimmicks or marketing. We never used crappy juice in crappy bottles, so why go that route?  No, we knew then that our flavor profiles required a different kind of branding. We knew we didn’t want to fall into the “vapebro” category. Don’t get me wrong, we all vape hard bro, but it can be done with style.

The most important thing we are reminded of on our 5 year anniversary, is what our products mean to customers, and what our customers mean to us.  More than any goals or targets we achieve as a business, the positive impact we might have on someone's life is awesome. It represents a significant change the customer made in their life, one we made too. To quit smoking is an achievement to be proud of, something that doesn’t normally come easy. We are happy and honored to have been a part of that journey with so many people, all over the world. On this 5 year anniversary, we realize just how important it is to make a quality product that people enjoy, to successfully move away from smoking. Thank you, each and every one of you, that’s supported Trabuco. It is an amazing honor to have been apart of the vaping revolution with all of you. I hope one day, science exonerates us, and the truth clears the cloud around vaping (pun intended). In the meantime, it’s about what vaping truly means to the majority of us: We’re not smokers anymore!

So, from the Trabuco family, we are truly grateful and thankful to you, the vaper and our customer. As we mark our 5th year anniversary, we hope to grow and mature into a bigger and better company. We hope to be able to offer that flavor profile and brand quality that will appeal to smokers, former smokers, and long-term vapers alike.



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