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Battery Safety

Lithium Ion batteries can explode. They're used in all sorts of electronic devices, from computers to cellphones, and yes, vaping devices. In any of these applications Lithium batteries can fail and catch fire or explode, and anyone that’s watched the news recently has probably seen stories about the Galaxy 7 and vapers experiencing a failing Lithium battery and sustaining bodily injuries. We wanted to offer some resources regarding battery safety and how easy it can be to avoid this situation.

CASAA, the Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association, has “produced a comprehensive guide to battery safety for those who use vapor products. The guide discusses how batteries are made, how they work, and what damages them. From this understanding, users can formulate some pretty clear rules to keep them and their batteries living together peacefully.”

If you aren't familiar with Lithium battery's and how to properly use them, please take a moment to read CASAA's battery safety tips here:

And if you aren’t already a member, please take the time to sign up for CASAA. They are an integral part of protecting our rights and access to vapor products.

Battery Safety

Cheers and safe vaping! 

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