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Our First Post

Welcome to Trabuco Vapors first blog post! It’s been a while in the making, but there’s a lot to talk about lately! We’ve recently released some new flavors, we’ve been working on top secret projects, and of course there’s been a lot of rules, laws, taxes, and regulations passed. We want to use this blog as an opportunity to discuss all of it!

We don’t want to use our first post to get into the gritty details of everything, so let’s start it light. We’re proud to have had the opportunity this past 3 years to make our e-juice for all of you, and a product that we personally enjoy so much. When we started working on Trabuco in 2012, it was due to the lack of quality and tasteful tobacco flavored e-juices available. Since we were unable to find, or consistently get a good tobacco flavored e-juice, we made one ourselves. Looking back, it’s still a shock to think it was uncommon for people to get the tobacco flavor from……… Tobacco leaves! We’ve come a long way in the past 3 years, and we hope to go even further in the next 3 years. Change is in the wind, and we’re trying to be prepared as possible to successfully cope with those changes.

We’re glad you’re here with us today and we look forward to what the future has in store for us. We’re constantly moved by stories shared with us by customers that were able to finally make the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping, or how they were finally able to get their parent, who smoked for 40 years, to quit smoking with our flavors. It reaffirms our commitment to continue making our hand crafted, naturally extracted tobacco flavored e-juice.  We look forward to sharing more with you in the coming years, and we hope to use this blog as a space to convey messages to our family of vapers. Vaping became its own culture, which seemed like an odd phenomenon, to which outsiders were quick to judge us for. To us it’s easy to explain: we were bonded by the same achievement: quitting smoking. We found a common ground, one that we were so proud of and eager to share with others, a method to quit smoking that was both successful and enjoyable. That’s what brings us together here today.

So from the whole Trabuco family, CHEERS!

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